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The original vision for creating Timberland Realty was to accommodate the sales needs of our timberland clients. By combining the legal qualifications of licensed salespeople and brokers with the knowledge and experience of professionally-trained foresters, we developed an efficient and effective method for assessing, marketing and selling timber tracts throughout our operating area. Though our original sales efforts were concentrated on marketing and selling tracts having a “highest and best use” as timberland, we quickly discovered a need as well for serving the needs of folks looking to sell and buy “recreational” acreage as well. Again, because of our forestry and general outdoors backgrounds, we feel we are able to accommodate buyers and sellers better than the majority of traditional real estate firms because of our interest in and experience with land.

Our Timberland Realty Selling Procedures section outlines the different marketing procedures we incorporate in either the selling of timberland or “recreational” land. The Recreational Land or Small Timberland Offerings section allows access to our database of current listings for smaller tracts that are ideal either for recreational purposes or as a small timberland investment, or both. The Large Timberland Offerings section provides information on current offerings of timberland tracts that are substantial in size. Please visit our listing areas often, as timberland and recreational land is changing hands at a very fast pace!